NAMA Project Initiative: Productive Village

Etos scholarship is an investment program on human resources by Dompet Dhuafa that is dedicated for academically successful students with limited economy condition which focuses on mentoring, coaching, and empowerment. The beneficiaries of Etos scholarships (Etoser) are students that have been through competitive admission from various regions and campuses in Indonesia.

During the scholarship program, Etoser will receive a number of coaching that aim to increase their competencies and capacities. The main aim of the coaching and program is to provide competitive human resource that acquire various positive values that are enabled to develop themselves, others, and their communities.

One of the coaching to the Etoser is the social project of Desa Produktif (Productive Village), which is a project which enables the Etoser to have experimented on a wide range of innovation to develop all potential resources of the communities. Through this social project, Etoser is expected to have a strong social awareness as well as to build a contributive profile of the Etoser.

Besides that, Productive Village is also a social laboratory of the Etoser which enables them to develop their competencies, capabilities, and to build strong leadership personalities and characters.