What is Sustain Program?

Funding stands as the single-most critical challenge impacting the viability of the third sector organizations. The industry is incredibly competitive, grants are harder to access and funding preferences are ever changing. A backdrop such as this can dramatically impair an organization’s strategic decision making thereby impacting investment strategies, resources and most importantly, threaten the sector’s financial sustainability. For most third sector organizations, financial viability is a goal because they do not feel confident they currently have a sustainable financial strategy.

To put this into context, however, most small third sector organizations would not feel confident that their income streams were assured. Some uncertainty about future income is inevitable. With this problem in mind, NAMA Foundation has developed Sustain Program with the aim to empower the third sector organizations with the knowledge and tools of establishing financial sustainability within these organizations.

Sustain Program will focus on developing master trainers among consultants. These cohort of master trainers will go through a one-year development program consisting of face-to-face training, online learning, assignments and practical at selected local third sector organizations. Upon completion of this program, these master trainers will be attached for one-year with NAMA Foundation and empowered to localize this initiative coordinated by our local partners.


What will the program covers?

Upon completing the program participants will:

  • Become the Certified Sustain Master Trainer for your home country.
  • Understand the value, role and contribution of consultancy to empower the financial sustainability of the civil society organization in their country.
  • Understand the  core  processes  of  financial  sustainability  consultancy,  best  practice  and  qualities  of  an  outstanding  financial  sustainability consultant.