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Potential Partnership

NAMA Foundation works with companies, governments, international development agencies, charitable foundations, and individuals, to empower the targeted communities through sustainable, distinctive institutional grants in a stimulating environment in according to the best international practices.


Partnering with us offers you

  • NAMA Foundation to provide grants to the suitable planned project(s) related to Education and 3rd sector development
  • Joint fund opportunity for the project(s) with other parties (tri-party arrangement)

Create impact. Work with us to co-develop program(s) in line with organizational priorities and values that support education and 3rd sector organization locally, regionally and globally.

Upon completing the program participants will:
  • Name of the organization & the project
  • Targeted beneficiaries
  • Costing

You also may submit the proposal here

For more information about how to partner with us, please contact our Partnership Team at info@namafoundation.org or partnership1@namafoundation.org

We look forward to working with you