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Our Grants

For Sustainable Development

At NAMA Foundation, we manage charity grants a little differently. Because our aim is to ensure sustainability of the charitable works in our countries of focus. We are offering this grant to provide help where it is most needed within the education and third sector.

We don’t look for the obvious recipients and attempt to build initiatives where we think we should. Instead we offer support to those who might have ‘fallen through the cracks’, the people that would
otherwise be overlooked.

We partner with people who not only need genuine assistance, but who already have great ideas and strategies to create change. In this way, we can offer the most effective support, ensuring our recipient are able to deliver their services to the community in the best way possible.

How it Works?

NAMA Foundation provides charity grants to eligible applicants. Once accepted as an eligible applicant, we will work closely with you and your organization to understand exactly what is needed, so we can ensure you receive the best quality outcomes.

Our Areas of Focus

Your great ideas should support our areas of focus listed below;
  • Education
01Empowering School Leadership
02Empowering Educators
03Developing Students
04Empowering Parents of Students
05Empowering Community
06Accessibility to Education
07Research, Development and Recognition
  • Third Sector
01Organizational Development
02Financial Sustainability
03Community Engagement

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for our grants, applicants must fit the following criteria:
  • Must be a registered organisation (NGO/NPO/Civil Society)
  • Applicants must be based in our 5 countries of focus,


NAMA FOUNDATION reserves the rights to review the value of awards at any time (and if such changes are made, the value of grant will be changed and the effective date will be informed to the successful application).


  • All applications should be made ONLINE through NAMA FOUNDATION
  • Application closed on Monday, 31 August 2018 (GMT+3)