New Age Learner Conference organised by Ascendance

One of the main areas of focus for NAMA Foundation is Education. We believe that every children have the right to receive a well-balanced education irregardless of their religion, nationality, culture, ethnicity, race, background as well as economic status. When we talk about economic support system, Education is the best ever investment to elevating people’s standard of living. Education plays a key role in realising nation aspirations to be a developed nation. With this in mind, NAMA Foundation believes in having a positive engagement with other organisations be it our existing beneficiaries or any new potential partners that we could engaged together in giving back to the societies and communities.

Back in 2019, NAMA Foundation decided to contribute more in sponsoring any events that we think can give a meaningful impact on our end beneficiaries, and one of it was the New Age Learner Conference organised by a group of young and talented youth who called themselves #Ascendance. What great about this conference is, it was planned, managed and co-organised by a group of students as young as the primary school students to a secondary level. From planning the flow of the event up to getting the sponsors. It was all done by these young people! Knowing all these great efforts, NAMA Foundation has sponsored 10 primary school students from one of the public primary school from a very rural area to attend this conference. We believe in giving the opportunity for these children to expand their minds and knowledge!

Thank you Ascendance for reaching out to us. More to come in the future! In Shaa Allah.