NAMA Fund 2018 Indonesia Awardees Gathering

Gathering Awardees NAMA Fund 2018: The Country’s Changemakers are Born Here!


Depok: The Gathering Awardees of the NAMA Fund 2018 was held on 25 January 2019 in the Floating Hall, Universitas Indonesia.

This honourable event celebrated the endorsement of the NAMA Fund Scholarship 2018 contract for 13 students who have been selected for tertiary education. Among the 13 students, two have been selected for Doctoral programs, whereas the remaining 11 students have been selected for Master’s programs.

This particular occasion was attended by Dr. Arman Nefi (Director of Student Welfare, Universitas Indonesia), Mr. Dasril Guntara, M. Kessos (CEO of NICE Indonesia), Mr. Bachtiar Firdaus, ST. MPP (Executive Director of Rumah Kepemimpinan), Mr. Andi Junasa Andika, S.E (Coordinator of NAMA Fund Indonesia), and the 13 awardees of the NAMA Fund 2018.

Mr. Bachtiar expressed his best wishes to the 13 students who have been chosen as beneficiaries of the NAMA Fund Scholarship 2018. He also expressed his gratitude for the good cooperation instituted by NAMA Foundation and Universitas Indonesia, and hopes for greater collaboration with NAMA Foundation in the future.

Furthermore, Dr. Arman Nefi said, “Scholarships for Master (S2) and Doctoral (S3) programs are things that have gone on a few times among non-government institutions here in Indonesia. Therefore, we support NAMA Fund program by NAMA Foundation and the Rumah Kepemimpinan positive collaboration. It is great that NAMA Fund scholarship is included in the scholarship list that owned by the Universitas Indonesia.” Additionally, Mr. Dasril Guntara stated that NICE Indonesia was established to further strengthen the relationship between NAMA Foundation and some systems in Indonesia.

Dr. Saleh Mubarak Saleh Bazead (CEO of NAMA Foundation) participated in this event as a keynote speaker by presenting messages to all awardees via a video teleconference from Malaysia. He said, “NAMA Fund is a program to bring about extraordinary people. Leading to make a change for their country.”

“Don’t forget our ultimate goal to become changemakers of the nation. Think about different ways to handle it. Believe big. Work for the best and work hard to accomplish it. Because you’re excellent students. You will encounter many events in your life, but don’t give up. You will become more than merely hope. Let’s start now. Your social activity will become the hope for society.” At the closing of his remarks, he added that the beneficiaries of the NAMA Fund 2018 are the first batch who will become role models for the next generation. In Shaa Allah.

In this ceremony, awardees of the NAMA Fund 2018 gave a special performance on poetry musicalization which described various problems of the nation. They presented their diverse contributions as the responsibilities and their answers to these problems in accordance with their credibility in each sector.

“NAMA Fund is a collaborative program between Rumah Kepemimpinan and NAMA Foundation and supported by the Universitas Indonesia in providing scholarships to students who have strong motivation in continuing their study for Masters and Doctoral programs at the Universitas Indonesia and have a capital commitment to contribute to advancing a better Indonesia. NAMA Fund is intended to encourage the foundation of competitive national human resources marked by graduates of Master and Doctoral degrees. In return, this competitive human resource is expected to be a multiplier effect in resolving social problems (poverty and unemployment) for the family / surrounding community.”

This collaborative program is an initiative for greater collaboration to create strategic resources together in building a dignified Indonesia.