NAMA Back to School CSR Project 2019

Today can be considered as our BIG day to all of us at NAMA Foundation. The NAMA Back to School CSR Project 2019 is on! This is a CSR initiative project by NAMA Foundation and in collaboration with #MOVE and #MAYC. Throughout this project, NAMA will support the 100 selected end beneficiaries in Klang Valley by providing essential school supplies. We believe this engagement will help to ease the financial burden that would be very daunting to some of the parents. By providing the essential school supplies, the children will be better equipped and able to go to school comfortably and motivated for their new school term. It will definitely increase their self-esteem and a sense of equality. We at NAMA Foundation believe that “No child should ever have to go to school without proper school uniforms and school shoes.” When we give the essential school supplies to the children, we give so many other things including HOPE, DIGNITY, and JOY!

CSR is a thoughtful and practical way to give back to society and the community. With this in mind, NAMA Foundation has decided to have this meaningful engagement so that it will benefit the school-going children by helping them to have a good start for their new school term! We at NAMA Foundation would like to thank our collaborative partners #MOVE and #MAYC for having this engagement together with us.