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Organizational Sustainability

Empowering Talents

1st Training M& E - Upskill (34)-2

What is UPSKILL?

UPSKILL aims to increase the human capital of the CSOs through various capacity building programs. As the name suggests, staff of our CSOs will be given the opportunity to improve the skills that are required by the organization. The skills will vary across all CSOs depending on their individual requirements. Should the skills fall under one of our existing programs, NICE will arrange for the relevant associates to conduct the session. To ensure that the program attended by staff are beneficial, we will be using the Kirkpatrick Model to evaluate the outcomes

What will the program cover

Upon completing the program participants will


Become the Certified Edulead Master Trainer for your home country


Understand the School Leadership in the 21st Century – Professional Competencies of the School Leader and Leading People


Leading Learning: What is effective teaching and learning and how does an effective leader monitor and develop staff


CSO's Staff