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Institutional Development

EDULEAD - Transforming school leaders


What is Edulead?

The need for a systematic approach to school leadership development gains added significance in the context of the rights-based approach to education which encompasses the right of equal access to education, the right to quality education, and the right to joyful learning environment; the fulfillment of which depends to a great deal on effective school leadership that engages in transformation of schools. This calls for equipping school leaders with surfeit of skills and knowledge that enable them to critically analyze the challenges faced by and opportunities available to school in the prevailing conditions.

In this context it is important to create structures and processes that encourage creativity and innovation among school heads, teachers and students to enable schools to transform into ‘Centers of Excellence’. This demands total shift in the role of leadership that goes beyond administrative and managerial responsibilities to proactive practices for school transformation. Acknowledging the importance of this issue, the Edulead Program is developed.

Edulead Program will focus on developing master trainers. These cohort of master trainers will go through a one-year development program consisting of face-to-face training, online learning, assignments and practical at selected local schools. Upon completion of this program, these master trainers will be attached for one-year with NAMA Foundation and empowered to localize this initiative coordinated by our local partners.

What will the program cover

Upon completing the program participants will


Become the Certified Edulead Master Trainer for your home country


Understand the School Leadership in the 21st Century – Professional Competencies of the School Leader and Leading People


Leading Learning: What is effective teaching and learning and how does an effective leader monitor and develop staff


Teachers & School Leaders
Schools improved leadership competencies at the top management