What is Count Me In Program?

Managing volunteers is every bit as challenging as managing paid staff, perhaps even more challenging in some ways. Nonprofit staff members supervise a constantly changing cast of volunteers and must react quickly when a need develops in the organization. Among the most common problems faced by third sector organizations in regards to volunteer management includes recruitment issues, have little time to spend training new volunteers, keeping volunteers interested and friction between staff members and volunteers. With this problem in mind, NAMA Foundation has developed Count Me In Program with the aim to develop cohorts of excellent volunteer management consultants that are able to developing and managing a strong volunteer team in third sector organizations.

Count Me In Program will focus on developing master trainers among consultants. These cohort of master trainers will go through a one-year development program consisting of face-to-face training, online learning, assignments and practical at selected local third sector organizations. Upon completion of this program, these master trainers will be attached for one-year with NAMA Foundation and empowered to localize this initiative coordinated by our local partners.

What will the program covers?

Upon completing the program participants will:

  • Become the Certified Count Me In Master Trainer for your home country.
  • Learn about volunteer management based on best practices.
  • Addresses the building blocks which lead to a strong and engaged volunteer team.
  • Learn strategies for planning, developing, evaluating and leading relationships to engage all stakeholders.