What is Catalyst Program?

Once regarded as mere service providers, university administrators are now a recognized profession with particular skills and possessing defined academic qualifications. The hard division that once separated them from the academics is now blurred with administrators playing important

academic roles in quality assurance, student counselling and establishing links with other universities and the industry. The administrator acquires new significance as universities evolve from their old position as self-regulating institutions to becoming corporate organizations with clear social roles that are externally regulated. The university administrator must deal with both internal relationships and needs and external changes and controls. With this problem in mind, NAMA Foundation has developed Catalyst Program with the aim to examine some of the changes that are taking place in the higher education sector that will impinge on the way universities are administered and to prepare university administrators to deal with those changes.

For 2018, Catalyst Program will focus on developing master trainers among university administrators. These cohort of master trainers will go through a one-year development program consisting of face-to-face training, online learning, assignments and practical at selected local universities. Upon completion of this program, these master trainers will be attached for one-year with NAMA Foundation and empowered to localize this initiative coordinated by our local partners.

What will the program covers?

Upon completing the program participants will:

  • Become the Certified Catalyst Master Trainer for your home country
  • Examine some of the changes that are taking place in the higher education sector that will impinge on the way universities are administered
  • Personal and professional development of the university administrators
  • Prepare university administrators to deal with changes in university management

Catalyst Frameworks

Chapter M – Master Trainer Development > Chapter L – Local Trainer Development

Catalyst – Chapter MT Program commitment

  • Attend two full-time face-to-face Training The Trainers course in Malaysia, consist of 5 days of training each session totally 10 days, for which international travel, visas, accommodation and meals will be covered.
  • Spend up to 4 days participating in action learning sets and webinars after the face-to-face training courses.
  • Spend up to 15 days on-site practical during the program which you will fulfil through your existing work or consultancy commitments. Consultant also commit to being able to submit recorded videos of your practical session for feedback and mentoring
  • Commit to provide up to 15 days pro bono consultancy support to NAMA Local Partners and/or NAMA Country Coordination Office within the 12 months following the program.