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Together with International Islamic University of Malaysia, NAMA Foundation is organizing a global summit from 15 to 17 December 2023. Dubbed the meeting of the minds, sharing of best practices, discovering new opportunities, the Summit was held virtually last year after 2 years in 2019 and 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic.  The summit was previously held in Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan and Indonesia. Themed ‘Education and Third Sector in Nation Building, this year’s Summit will have three main sub-themes; Education, Youth and Civil Society.

The Summit will provide a unique opportunity for discussion, collaboration, exchange and networking amongst the academicians, leaders, policy makers, practitioners in Malaysia and abroad.  Expecting 150 to 200 participants, the Summit medium is English and will be equipped with simultaneous translation in major languages such as Arabic, and Malay. NAMA Summit 2023 will give you the opportunity to further explore the best practices, establish networking with great resource sharing opportunities that will be a privilege and value to the organisations involved.






Breakout Session


Topics & Subtopics


Topic 1: Leadership in Education

  • Subtopic 1: Understanding the challenges facing the education sector
  • Subtopic 2: Developing intervention initiatives to address these challenges
  • Subtopic 3: Embracing the values of sustainability

Topic 2: How can education systems be transformed to better prepare young people for sustainable development

  • Subtopic 1: Integrating sustainability into the curriculum
  • Subtopic 2: Providing opportunities for experiential learning
  • Subtopic 3: Developing a culture of sustainability in education sector

Topic 3: Leadership in Third Sector

  • Subtopic 1: Good Governance in a NGO
  • Subtopic 2: Best practices in volunteer engagement
  • Subtopic 3: Fundraising in today’s competitive market

Topic 4: Providing Access to Education

  • Subtopic 1: Education financing
  • Subtopic 2: Character building
  • Subtopic 3: Equal opportunity in accessing education.

Topic 5: Sustainable Third Sector

  • Subtopic 1: NGO capacity building
  • Subtopic 2: Innovation in fundraising
  • Subtopic 3: Is Income generation projects and having a commercial arm good for NGOs
  • Subtopic 4: Waqf investment and financial suitability.
  • Subtopic 5: How can we utilize the Waqf system to ensure NGO’s financial sustainability