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Almost every voluntary organization faces the challenge of getting their stories published in the media. Much too often, when an event is organized, what gets published is not the event or stories related to the event, but the view of the attending VIP on some recent controversial issue. Thus an event that we feel deserves public attention; to publicize the event, to make the public more aware of our organization or our programs, to attract more members/ volunteers, are “wasted”. Is there anything that can be done, to increase our chances of getting our stories out?

The best persons to advise as well as the best person for us to shoot our enquiries are the persons in the newspaper;  what is newsworthy, where it goes, how much of it goes in, should there be photographs. And they have good grasp of non-profit sector.

We have invited Ms. Sophia Datuk Ahmad, and Mr. Jonathan Edward to share their views with us. They will help us understand how the newspaper work, and offer us tips and ideas enabling us to increase the possibility of getting our stories published. Both speakers are media practitioners and at the same time they are heavily involved in volunteering activities.

Media relations must be given priority and importance in the strategic plan of the organization. Rightly or wrongly, NGOs are often judged on how active they are based on how often they are published in the media. It is thus critical that key leaders in the organization, understands the media and makes media relations of strategic importance in their planning. Also, if there is an organizational crises, media skills are crucial in minimizing the damage to the organization.

Join us in this Nama Talk series on Understanding Media : How to get your story published!

Date: 13 October 2021 (Wednesday)

Time: 03.00 pm to 4.30 pm

Please contact Mr. Syahir (partnership1@namafoundation.org) or call us at 013-2175792 for more info.