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A strong brand and strategic non-profit communications are essential to the health of any social impact organization. A decade ago, the dominant brand paradigm in the non-profit sector focused on communications. Branding was a tool for managing the external perceptions of an organization, a subject for the communications, fundraising, and marketing.

In contrast, the emerging paradigm sees brand as having a broader and more strategic role in an organization’s core performance, as well as having an internal role in expressing an organization’s purposes, methods, and values.

A brand is more than a visual identity: the name, logo, and graphic design. A brand is a psychological construct held in the minds of all those aware of the branded product, person, organization, or movement.

Join us on 17 September 2021 (Friday) at 3.00 pm to learn more from Mr. PK of Point Blank Mediaworks Sdn Bhd, a brand expert / coach.

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