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“Grand Launching of the Mobile Lab PCR Test for COVID-19 Biosafety Level (BSL) 2”, on 28 January 2021, Indonesia.Mobile Lab PCR Test COVID-19 (BSL) 2 is the result of collaboration between the NAMA Foundation, Human Initiative, Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, and Agile Innovation Labs (Ai-Labs). This cooperation includes the procurement of three units of the PCR Test COVID-19 Laboratory which can move in the form of containers, along with other supporting tools. This meaningful official launching has been attended virtually by Dr. Saleh Mubarak Bazead, the Chief Executive Officer of NAMA Foundation all the way from Malaysia.The Mobile Lab PCR Test for COVID-19 with the BSL-2 standard is expected to help health workers for checking COVID-19 in the community, and to make it easier to reach the Red Zone area exposed to COVID-19. In the long term, this Mobile lab will be able to operate for other laboratory needs.More than 907.929 people in Indonesia confirmed positive COVID-19 (16 January 2021). We believe that one of the efforts to reduce the rate of transmission of diseases due to COVID-19 is through case finding as early as possible. The sooner cases are found and treated, the source of disease transmission will decrease.Massive rapid PCR Test needed to be done as soon as possible before the situation getting worse. Each person with COVID-19 potentially spread the virus to 2-3 persons each day. Asymptomatic laboratory-confirmed is considered as more dangerous since they are infected but did not develop any symptoms. Asymptomatic transmission occurred due to asymptomatic laboratory-confirmed person still doing their normal activity without knowing, they already became a spreader for the virus. That’s why Mobile Laboratory with complete set of PCR test urgently and highly needed so that asymptomatic transmission could be reduced.With this in mind, NAMA Foundation and Human Initiative committed to collaborating to provide 3 PCR Mobile Lab with BSL-2 standard (WHO standard) that can be used not only for the COVID-19 pandemic but also another disease after Covid-19 disappear. May this effort will help the people and the authority to flatten the curve as soon as possible.