I am delighted to extend my warm CONGRATULATIONS to the NAMA Foundation on its 15th Years Anniversary today.

Ever since its founding in 2 April 2004, NAMA Foundation has become a highly recognized hub to empower the education sector and civil communities organisation.

The empowerment of the sectors are through institutional grants and partnership building, supported by excellent project management and sophisticated results measurement. With the successful achievement that it gained, NAMA has set its own bar for the Strategic Planning of 2019-2023.

NAMA Foundation aims to be a leader in achieving sustainable development through institutional grants following its stated mission to empowering targeted communities through sustainable, qualitative and institutional grants in a stimulating environment in accordance with the best international standards.

Our praise and gratitude always goes to the Almighty Allah SWT for His continuous blessings and guidance towards our work in giving back to the communities. We pray for Him to guide us to be in the right path always.

It is also an honour to extend our highest gratitude and appreciation to our board of trustees for their kind guidance and advises in helping the foundation to focus on achieving the impactful impact to our beneficiaries.

Last but not least, hard work, commitment and team spirit are the anchor to embark this journey and having the principle of sustainability embedded in every effort. We are confident to be one of the key organisation which can bring out the significant changes to the beneficiaries and their future. A growth that will last long and benefits the humankind, in making this world a better place to stay.


Dr. Saleh Mubarak Saleh Bazead
CEO NAMA Foundation